We work

with conviction and passion.

Thank you for visiting our website! Poske GmbH & Co.KG manufactures and trades in a wide range of chews and snacks for pets. Our key business is the whole-sale trade and retail market. Our wide range of products provides special treats, especially for dogs.

Sales representatives benefit from our high level made-to-measure service and our natural product range keeps our customers happy.  The excellent taste of our products is well-suited to man’s best friend.

Modern straw pellets supplement our product range and provide excellent bedding for farm animals.

Expertise & Service

Poske GmbH & Co.KG is situated in the administrative region of Osnabrück. We have been producing high quality food supplements and chews for pets since 1988. We believe that even with long standing experience we can see things through our customers’ eyes and rise to new challenges.

This is something we are passionate about.

100% natural

Natural animal-based chews should be made available to every dog. Our products are slow dried without any additives. Chomping and chewing are important for dogs to support healthy teeth and jaws. We don’t use any additives, which makes our products 100% natural.

Trade & Fair(Trade)

We are proud of our service, which always keeps the needs and requirements of our customers in mind. We are always listening and responding to our customers’ wishes and are very keen to trade fairly and therefore guarantee high quality products and a swift service.